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We cordially invite you to visit our store in Carleton Place, Ontario, just west of Ottawa

(45d 07'44.33" N 76d 07'27.92" W)

to personally view the many products we carry.


We are a Certified Map Printer for NRCan providing print on demand service for Canadian Mapping


Canada Topographic Maps     Canada Nautical Charts    

Wall Maps     Burris Optics     Bushnell Optics     Scorpion Optics    Replogle Globes

Shakespeare Fishing Equipment  Pflueger Fishing Equipment     All Star Fishing Rods

Brunton Compass     Stearns Inflatable Canoes and Kayaks

Mad Dog outdoor gear     Bluewater Sunglasses

Fishing Maps Plus  - over 1,000 Titles in Ontario

Trak Maps  - Fishing and Water Depths for Lakes in Ontario

Fugawi Digital Maps  - Canadian Topo Maps on DVD

Michelin Travel Publications  -  UWAY Trail Cameras

Underwater Kinetics - Waterproof Flashlights and More

Antique Maps     Antique Map Reproductions

Custom Cartography           Railfanning Maps



 Our Ottawa-Gatineau PATHFINDER maps can be found at World of Maps,  Preston Hardware and  many locations in the Ottawa area.

Online ordering is now operational!!!  try it out

Canada post adds $1.50 to shipping in tube rates,  sorry


Palmerston Lake Bass Derby June 20 and 21    rules are here

April 2015  Natural Resources Canada releases a revised map of Canada - MCR 102

March 2015     2015 edition of the Ottawa Gatinea Book Map and wall map are released

April 2014        2014 edition of the Ottawa Gatineau wall map is released
March 2014     2014 Edition of the Ottawa Gatineau Book Map is released
February 2014 Pathfinder Maps Launches our new Web site and online store.
March 2013 Pathfinder Maps 2013 Ottawa Gatineau Book Map and Wall Map are released

April 2012   Pathfinder Maps becomes a dealer for Scorpion Optics

Feb., 2012   Pathfinder Maps 2012 Ottawa Gatineau Book Map and Wall Map are released

March, 2011   Pathfinder Maps 2011 Ottawa Gatineau Book Map and Wall Map are released

June, 2010   Pathfinder Maps becomes a Certified Map Printer for Natural Resources Canada

March, 2010   Pathfinder Maps 2010 Ottawa Gatineau Book Map is released

March, 2009   Pathfinder Maps 2010 Ottawa Gatineau Wall Map is released

March, 2009   Pathfinder Maps 2009 Ottawa Gatineau Book Map is released,  finally sorry about the delay!!

February, 2009   Pathfinder Maps 2009 Ottawa Gatineau Wall Map is released

March, 2008    All Star Rods are now in stock

January, 2008 Pathfinder Maps 2008 edition Ottawa-Gatineau Plus™ book map and wall map released. 

April 20, 2007   Pathfinder Maps   ATV map for Northern Frontenac County is released.

March 27, 2007   Canada Post has put a $1.00 surcharge on mailing tubes,  so our rates have to be adjusted accordingly,  sorry.

March1, 2007  Pathfinder Maps delivers the 2007 edition of their Ottawa district map to the Ottawa Real Estate Board

Feb. 26, 2007 Pathfinder Maps 2007 edition Ottawa-Gatineau Plus™ book map released.

Feb. 1, 2007  Pathfinder Maps 2007 edition Ottawa Wall Map released

October 12, 2006  Natural Resources Canada scraps closure of Canada Map Office

January 12, 2006  Pathfinder Maps Ottawa-Gatineau Plus™ 2006 edition book map released.

December 01, 2005   MapEdge™ has been updated as of Nov. 15, 2005.

November 20, 2005 Pathfinder Maps and PATHFINDER MapEdge™profiled on CJOH-TV Tech Now.

October 01, 2005  Pathfinder Maps retail store in Carleton Place, ON undergoes a major expansion making room for a larger display of Optics, Outdoor Wear and Inflatable Canoes and Kayaks.

March 11, 2005  Pathfinder Maps Ottawa-Gatineau Plus™ 2005 edition book map released.

March 10, 2005   TableEdge™ released.  This program provides a calculator style AND spreadsheet style user interface for converting between MTM, UTM and Latitude/Longitude coordinate systems. It also provides large table re-organization capabilities such as multi-column sort and export of selected columns. Works with comma delimited files.

March 01, 2005   MapEdge™ has been updated as of Feb. 15, 2005.

Jan 19, 2005   MapEdge™ has been updated and repackaged.  Ottawa street and address point data is now up to date as of Jan 15, 2005.  MapEdge™ Lookup allows you to find the newest addresses in Ottawa instantly and accurately. pin-pointing them on air photos and vector maps.  MapEdge™ Analyst is available for those who need more comprehensive analytical functions as well as copy/paste access to the air photos. (Address locations are pin-pointed accurately in MapEdge™, unlike competitors who estimate address locations - quite often showing a wrong location.)

Nov. 29, 2004  Pathfinder MapEdge™ MTM-UTM-Lat/Long Conversion calculator program with audit trail released.  For all of Canada, a standalone, windows based MTM - UTM - Latitude/Longitude converter with an audit trail. Works for all 32 MTM zones in Canada. Easily convert from one of MTM, UTM or Latitude/Longitude to the other two with an on screen "calculator like" user interface. The on-screen audit trail keeps track of old MTM UTM conversions and allows copy and paste to other applications.

Nov 17, 2004   Pathfinder MapEdge™ updated to contain 250,000 individual, fully searchable, address points for all of Ottawa. These address points are up to date as of Oct. 15 2004. No longer do you have to rely on software estimating an address location. MapEdge(TM) pinpoints addresses in Ottawa and Gatineau using at total of 325,000 individual address points linked accurately to the 1 metre resolution air photos and street vector data.

Oct 1, 2004   Pathfinder MapEdge™ for OTTAWA/GATINEAU released. Dispatchers get the benefit of up to date data AND the ability to see what drivers see - through the air photos. Surveyors can find MTM, UTM and Latitude/Longitude points accurately on the air photos. Urban Planners and Consulting Engineers can measure lengths and areas accurately on the Air Photos and enhance presentations by including imagery at any scale. Security personnel can plan and respond much more effectively. MapEdge™ with air photos takes mapping to a stunningly useful and exciting new level.